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“A bright, thoughtful indie comedy-drama. It’s great to see Griffin Dunne back onscreen in a tailor-made role.”
– Leonard Maltin

“Magic… The Discoverers reminds us why we need Griffin Dunne in our lives.”

“Griffin Dunne is pitch-perfect.”
– Variety

“Funny. Heartfelt…The most delightfully offbeat dysfunctional family road trip tale in recent memory…”
– Truth on Cinema

“The Discoverers has plenty of heart and laughs to tug at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone… Touching and hilarious… Characters so quirky and relatable that you can’t help but fall in love with them… I loved everything about this film.”
– The Film Yap

“Heartwarming. Witty… Griffin Dunne hasn’t had a role this good in ages – and he makes the most of it.”
– Marshall Fine, Huffington Post

– Jeffrey Lyons

“Incredibly intelligent… It is the smartness of the writing that escalates The Discoverers above the recent barrage of familial reconciliation stories that have appeared in the wake of Little Miss Sunshine… Griffin Dunne’s astounding and I think Madeleine Martin matches him step-for-step… absolute perfection.”
– Smells Like Screen Spirit

“Schwarz’s feature debut benefits from an intelligent script and sympathetic lead performance by Griffin Dunne.”
– Hollywood Reporter

“Schwarz pulls off quite a feat… The Discoverers takes on the anything but easy themes of family and the importance of nature in this world, managing to spin them into a wholly unique and outright entertaining road trip film. He works a heart-warming — if occasionally dark and hilarious — sort of magic that ultimately tells a story perfectly in sync with the wonders of real life in a modern family.”
– Santa Barbara Independent

“A sweetly amusing tale of a dysfunctional modern family trying to work out its issues… [Dunne] is nicely bedraggled as Lewis and Martin stands out as the strong-willed but sensitive Zoe.”
– Screen Daily

“Griffin Dunne and Madeline Martin give instantly likable, enormously human performances. Dunne exudes the kind of rakish, world-weary spirit at which he excels… and Martin is perfectly cast as the daughter with an overdeveloped sense of sarcasm.”
– Grolsch Filmworks

“Witty and warm… where Little Miss Sunshine meets the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial…The Discoverers offers a great many laughs for re-enactors of all periods.”
– Journal of the Early Americas

“Clever and quite funny”
– The Pitch


“Part Little Miss Sunshine. Part City Island… ALL heart.”
– Best Geek Blog Ever

“Tender and sweet”
– Philadelphia City Paper

“Stellar Cast”

“Griffin Dunne’s best ever performance”
– Movie Reviews from The Dark

“Schwarz… giv[es] the film a buoyancy that’s reflected from the top down in Aaron Mirman’s score, the naturalistic beauty of Chris Blauvelt’s cinematography and the bounciness between a top-notch cast.”
– Moveable Fest

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